Saroyan Theatre

Saroyan Theatre

The jewel of Central California, the Saroyan Theatre distinguishes itself with unparalleled elegance and luxurious seating and has hosted some of the world’s most renowned performers during its rich history. The Saroyan Theatre is Fresno’s premier cultural arts destination and home to the area’s leading performing arts groups, including the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra, Fresno Grand Opera, Broadway in Fresno, Valley Performing Arts Council and Lively Arts Foundation. The theatre also hosts a variety of comedy shows, concerts, family entertainment and community events.

This historic 2,351-seat performing arts theatre recently underwent an extensive renovation, including beautiful front-of-house enhancements to the main lobby and VIP Lounge, as well as back-of-house upgrades with eight state-of-the-art dressing rooms and star rooms, two chorus rooms, two production offices and a green room with built-in bar and leather furniture – all while retaining the old-world charm of this iconic and elegant theatre named after Fresno’s own acclaimed Oscar and Pulitzer Prize winning author. The theatre features a VIP lounge off the main lobby and offers an enormous selection of superb snacks, cocktails, and desserts catered by Pardini’s Catering & Banquets – all of which can be pre-ordered prior to the show and ready at intermission. The Saroyan Theatre welcomes every performer and invites patrons to experience live entertainment in a grand style.

Recent Upgrade to a State of the Art Listen Technology Assistive Listening Device System

The Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center is proud to announce a recent upgrade to a state of the art Listen Technology Assistive Listening Device System (ALD) in Saroyan Theatre. The upgraded ALD system will give hearing impaired audiences the opportunity to experience Saroyan Theatre like never before.  This system will allow up to 92 patrons the ability to use these receivers during any event held in Saroyan Theatre.

Frequently Asked Questions About Asssitive Listening Devices

How does an Assistive Listening Device Work?

Sound for the ALD is provided by a sophisticated set of microphones uniquely designed for the theatre space to capture all of the sound from the stage including the spoken word, sound effects and music. A transmitter in the theatre sends that sound to the wireless radio receiver which delivers it to the ear speaker or the induction neck-loop. By eliminating much of the ambient noise and focusing the sound directly at the ear, ALDs can provide a major boost in the audio quality for an event.

Who can use an Assistive Listening Device?

Everyone! While induction neck-loops are only compatible with Hearing Aids and Cochlear implants that include a “T” switch, the ear speaker can be used by anyone who wants a little volume boost.

Will the patrons next to me be disturbed by the Assistive Listening Device?

ALDs are designed to deliver sound directly to an individual and work using specific reserved radio frequencies so as to not conflict with any other devices or equipment in use by the theatre or our patrons. In addition, the ear speakers and the neck-loops are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible. It’s likely no one will even know you’re using one.

Are Assistive Listening Devices available for every show and event at Saroyan Theatre?

Yes! Assistive Listening Devices are available regardless of who is producing the show. Assistive Listening Devices can be requested at any time during an event.  Assistive Listening Devices are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis free of charge. The Customer Service area next to the Box Office is where Assistve Listening Devices can be obtained.

Is there a cost for using an Assistive Listening Device?

No, Assistive Listening Devices are distributed free of charge on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Do you clean your Assistive Listening Devices?

Yes, we follow the manufactures maintenance recommendations and use antimicrobial wipes to clean all earpieces and neck-loops when they are returned before placing them back into storage.

Do I need to sit in a specific place to use an Assistive Listening Device?

No, all of our Assistive Listening Devices will work from any seat in our theatre.

I have a Hearing Aid or Cochlear Implant, will an Assistive Listening Device work for me?

Induction neck-loops are also now available for patrons who use Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implants with a “T” switch. Ask your audiologist whether your Hearing Aid or Cochlear Implant has a “T” switch (telecoil) and how to use it with an Assistive Listening head set.

Why does Saroyan Theatre provide Assistive Listening Devices?

We want as many people as possible to have the best experience at Saroyan Theatre. Assistive Listening Devices make the Theatre possible for a whole new audience and increases the accessibility for our existing audience.

For special assistance and wheelchair accessible seats, please contact our Main Line (559) 445-8100 Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm or email us at

Saroyan Theatre Diagram


  • Continental style seating with Balcony – 2,351
  • Orchestra Level – 1,427
  • Balcony Seating – 924
    – Upper Balcony – 612
    – Lower Balcony – 312
  • Orchestra Pit – 60 additional seats
  • Ample parking
  • Exhibit Booth Formations
    – 38 – 10’x10′ Booths
    – 43 – 8’x10′ Booths
    – 48 – 8’x8′ Booths


  • Cultural events
  • Dance and Cheer competitions
  • Graduations
  • Broadway
  • Philharmonic
  • Comedy
  • Opera
  • Dance Recitals
  • Conferences, Meetings
  • Lobby area can be used for a variety of purposes
  • Exhibit Booth Formations


Saroyan Theatre
730 M Street
Fresno, CA 93721

*Assisted Listening Devices available upon request, free of charge, with any of our ushers.